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Are Inbound Marketing and Digital PR one and the same?

You’re an Inbound Marketer and as such you clearly draw a line between yourself and the press-junket planning, journo-calling ladies that run the PR agency around the corner. But it’s undeniable that with the shift towards digital, the borders between the various sections of marketing such as outbound, inbound, PR and sometimes even sales have become blurred. Think about it, as part of your content strategy, you probably encourage guest blogging and posting for larger publications, you have probably even thought about writing press releases, and events to promote your brands come in handy. So it's only natural to wonder, how much PR do you actually do, and is it a good move? In her recent article for Business to Community, Sarah Greesonbach discusses the difference between digital PR and Inbound Marketing and outlines which one is better for your business.

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