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Search Engine Optimisation

SEO is a foundation stone of modern marketing. You want to optimise your site for the search engines and to get found by your target buyer personas.  

Learn how to ace your search strategy via effective keyword research, creating content around those keywords and then optimising content around a primary keyword.  


Blogging is hard work. There, we've said it! Problem is, its also one of the most effective tactics you can use to attract interested buyers to your website. Blogging forms a central plank in your broader content plan. Therefore this module starts by considering how to create remarkeable, compelling content in a proven 5 step process, before going on to consider the fundamentals of creating an effective, powerful and successful blog.

Social Media

This module teaches you how to build an effective social media strategy to amplify your content and drive high quality traffic to your site. You'll learn how to use social monitoring to learn about your buyer personas, social publishing best practcies for the major platforms and how to analyse your social media efforts. 

Lead Generation

So you've managed to attract heaps of visitors to your site. Congratulations! Really, we mean that, its tough to do. But the next challenge is how to create the perfect conversion process. We'll teach you Call To Action (CTA) best practices and how to build effective, high converting landing and thank you pages.

Email Marketing

Lets face it, email has a bad reputation, its spam and its an outdated tactic, right? Well actually no. Done right, email remains a highly effective channel - and one you own. But for email to work, you have to know how to send the right email to the right person at the right time. This module shows you how to get your segmentation right, what's the right content to include in your emails, how to nurture buyers effectively using personalisation and finally how to analyse what is and isnt working.

Marketing Automation

Aceing marketing automation starts with learning best practices for contact management. Once you've mastered that, we'll show you how to use lists and workflows that enable you to run relationship driven marketing that really delivers results.



With the buyer in control of the research process, getting found by your target audience is the key first task for marketers. Learn best practcies for these three key Hubspot tools :


Optimising your website for search engines, keyword best practices 


How to amplify your content with social media


The fundamentals of blogging - creating content with purpose

Taking a website visitor and converting them into an interested and engaged lead is a critical first step. Once converted, nurturing a trusted relationship requires additional expertise. Learn how to use the powerful Hubspot tools that'll convert and close your buyers.

Lead Generation

Understand the best marketing practices you can implement  to generate good quality leads

Email Marketing

Discover how to write copy, design and build emails that are guarenteed to convert some clicks

Marketing Automation

Learning how to properly use marketing automation will be the best thing you can learn in one afternoon


This one day course follows the customer through their full buying journey. The modules cover how to initially attract buyers to your business, then how to engage and convert them into leads, before nurturing them to become a customer. You'll finish the course with a detailed understanding of the tools and techniques you'll need across the full inbound marketing methodology.