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Why you're not seeing results from your Content Marketing

So you’ve jumped on the Content Marketing bandwagon – you weave your wordy magic, publish a blog post once a week and share it on social media networks. You’re doing everything right, but your efforts aren’t being rewarded. Are you sure your content is actually resonating with your desired audience? Creating content that is relevant is critical, but what many marketers don’t realise is that it comes down to more than having a way with words – it’s a science. If you haven’t got the mechanics right to begin with, it’s very likely that your messaging is off the mark.

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Can you go to jail for what you post on your business Social Media account?

I had the pleasure of attending the recent SWARM Conference in Sydney – focusing on the role of digital community managers and their potential to create value in their arena. Though overall it was an exciting and interactive conference where lots of extremely useful information was exchanged, there was one talk that absolutely terrified me. It discussed the one thing that all social media marketers fear – the legal implications of posting – and asked the question, ‘can you really go to jail for what you post on social media?’.

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