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How to convince your boss that Inbound Marketing training is a good investment

You are keen for a change, and have found an Inbound Marketing course that will take you and your team to the next level, and by association improve the business. You are all in and want nothing more than to learn these new inbound skills ASAP and start implementing them in the organisation. But there is just one problem – in fact, one ginormous hurdle – you have to get permission from your boss.

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Can you go to jail for what you post on your business Social Media account?

I had the pleasure of attending the recent SWARM Conference in Sydney – focusing on the role of digital community managers and their potential to create value in their arena. Though overall it was an exciting and interactive conference where lots of extremely useful information was exchanged, there was one talk that absolutely terrified me. It discussed the one thing that all social media marketers fear – the legal implications of posting – and asked the question, ‘can you really go to jail for what you post on social media?’.

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5 social media fails to avoid when posting on your business accounts

In Australia there are over 14 million folks on Facebook and nearly 3 million active Aussie users on Twitter, meaning that as a nation we are pretty social media savvy. It is fair to say that the majority of us have mastered the art of social on a personal level – but what about business? Posting as an organisation is vastly different to tweeting and gramming on your own account, but also suspiciously similar. You need to keep that chatty, charismatic charm that you do oh-so-well with your own social, but there are some definite no-go's when it comes to professional posting. To make sure you don't stumble into some serious sh*t with your social we have pulled together the top 5 worst things you can do on your b2b social media accounts. 

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Content Marketing Killed the Billboard Star

We all want to be googleable, our business to rank high up that search engine page and to ultimately become a brand that people recognise, remember and return to. One way that companies are doing this now is through the wonder that is content marketing.

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Infographic: 9 Things B2B Marketers Should Look for in a Marketing Automation Platform

Thanks to marketing automation software, B2B marketers no longer have to devote huge chunks of time to doing mind-numblingly dull manual tasks such as uploading a single tweet at precisely 7:35am (because that is the best time), or remembering to send a thank you email to people who have downloaded content off your website (because, whoops, you've left that poor lead high and dry for about three weeks).Thankfully, marketing automation software helps to eliminate human error and gives us more time to be more productive in tasks that require creativity and brain power. Cheers to those helpful little robots!

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Infographic: How Social Media Management can Improve your Lead Generation

B2B marketers are always fighting against the clock, and squeeze out every last minute they have to optimise, improve and develop their marketing. This can often mean that those 'wish I could' jobs, like kick-starting your social media strategy, get pushed further and further towards the bottom of their endless to-do list.  This means that making effective and efficient management plans to execute your social media strategy is uberly important.

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