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5 social media fails to avoid when posting on your business accounts

In Australia there are over 14 million folks on Facebook and nearly 3 million active Aussie users on Twitter, meaning that as a nation we are pretty social media savvy. It is fair to say that the majority of us have mastered the art of social on a personal level – but what about business? Posting as an organisation is vastly different to tweeting and gramming on your own account, but also suspiciously similar. You need to keep that chatty, charismatic charm that you do oh-so-well with your own social, but there are some definite no-go's when it comes to professional posting. To make sure you don't stumble into some serious sh*t with your social we have pulled together the top 5 worst things you can do on your b2b social media accounts. 

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25 grammar mistakes that make your content go from great to gruesome

Content marketing, as the name suggests, relies heavily on content production, and so does Inbound Marketing. So, as an inbound marketer, it is rather important to ensure your spelling and grammar are on point. As the Managing Editor here at BeInbound, I come across a lot of grammar and spelling errors, some more common than others, and while writing and editing comes natural to me, I understand that this isn't the case for everyone. Luckily, HubSpot have compiled a list of 25 grammar mistakes that everyone needs to stop making, so I don't have to write a ranty blog post myself. Go ahead, read, learn and polish your grammar!

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7 Web Design Trends You Can't Avoid

Good website design is pivotal to your success as an inbound marketer and while you might not be a master coder or even at all responsible for your website's design, you still need to be able to judge what good looks like. You need to know what the future of website design holds in order to make the best decisions for your business as well as your clients. In her recent article, Jowita Ziobro, elaborates on seven unavoidable web design trends you might want to consider for your next facelift.  

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Are Inbound Marketing and Digital PR one and the same?

You’re an Inbound Marketer and as such you clearly draw a line between yourself and the press-junket planning, journo-calling ladies that run the PR agency around the corner. But it’s undeniable that with the shift towards digital, the borders between the various sections of marketing such as outbound, inbound, PR and sometimes even sales have become blurred. Think about it, as part of your content strategy, you probably encourage guest blogging and posting for larger publications, you have probably even thought about writing press releases, and events to promote your brands come in handy. So it's only natural to wonder, how much PR do you actually do, and is it a good move? In her recent article for Business to Community, Sarah Greesonbach discusses the difference between digital PR and Inbound Marketing and outlines which one is better for your business.

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